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Master Face Reading for Business & Work Life

Have you ever wondered how some people can read faces? Do you know that your face can tell a lot about you?

Every individual has different facial characteristics and each feature of an individual is unique from one another. The art of reading these characteristics is called as Physiognomy. In simple terms, it is also known as Face reading, face analysis and face profiling.

Did you know that face reading can help you in analyzing a person’s personality, their talents and their health status. Each segment on our face tell something about us. Face reading does not help in predicting the future but it will in general give an idea on, how you will deal with your life’s challenges. It will tell you what it that you have inherently which makes you face your challenges.

This art requires in-depth focus and intuition. You should be quick and specific when reading faces. Many of us use intuition and in general are face readers however, our approach and analysis are very limited and unclear. Sometimes we may identify the facial characteristics but we may not know what it states on a person’s personality. Sometimes, we may notice a trait in a person’s personality but we fail to identify which facial characteristics represent that specific personality.

Do you feel such confusion when you interact with people?

At World School of Face Analysis, you will be able to find answers to all your questions regarding face profiling. Learn Face Reading under the guidance of trainer Varun L. Rupani who is an expert in face analysis. He has face analysis institute in Mumbai and has been teaching face reading to national and international students for more than 10 years.

Learn Face reading and use it in your day-to-day life. You can use your face analysis skill to read yourself, your friends, family, colleagues, boss and you will be surprised to know so much about them. Face reading has recently caught trend and is being used in corporate offices during interviews. You can know which job suits your personality, what kind of employee is suitable for the required job profile, how good is your friend to be your business partner and many such aspects.

You can also go and visit, which is a website of World School of Face Analysis where you will find a detailed information on the course and the topics covered. Face Reading Institute is one of the famous face analysis classes in Mumbai. The classes are online as well as classroom based.

There are many nuisances in face reading such as face shape, forehead size, eyes shape, nose size and many more such factors, which are covered elaborately in the classes conducted by World School of Face Analysis. All you need is inclination, inquisitiveness and good observation to learn face reading successfully.

To know more about the course contents, you can visit the website: or contact Face Reading Institute at 9920925666 / 9920782513

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